A Storm Does Not Last Forever: Stop, Breathe, Think and Act!

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We can’t deny the challenges faced by businesses over the past year, pandemic or not! It all started off with wilting water shortages during the extended drought, then we had power outages due to Escom not meeting the demand. Next came national instability, rioting, looting, and international business divesting from our beautiful country, causing national unemployment figures up to 40% – all people who want to work and contribute to the coffers of our country. 

All of the above leaves the SME community and the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry in South Africa not only stressed to the limits, but in disarray, unsure, and struggling to manage the tatters of a once-thriving economy. 

How do we thrive during these extenuating conditions? As South Africans, we are robust and do not just roll over after a little hardship is thrown our way.

We have to simplify our challenges and see the trees from the woods. To really see and understand our challenges we have to Stop – Breathe – Think and Act

The Restaurant Hub will take your hand during this process and guide you with our Hospitality Specific Toolbox to get you to the other side of the storm. To understand your challenges and opportunities, The Restaurant Hub will assist you with a detailed S.W.O.T. Analysis of your business. The S.W.O.T. Analysis is a process to systematically gather information about your business, especially information that is not front of mind awareness every day. 

The saying goes that life happens and the journey carries on; the management of this process determines the success of the outcome. 

Breaking down the process of the S.W.O.T. Analysis:

  • The collection of information
  • The documentation of information
  • Setting goals, parameters, and guidelines
  • Comparison of the actual vs the goals, parameters, and guidelines
  • Determine and quantify the fallout
  • Establish the cause of the fallout

The information gathered is classified as:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Now we have systematically organised the chaos and we are approaching the calm after the storm. After careful consideration of all the information gathered, we will plot a plan to achieve stability and after working the plan methodically, we will achieve success. 

If the plan is not worked and methodically implemented and executed, all the work you have done will to all probabilities come to nothing. It is exactly here that The Restaurant Hub will add value and contribute greatly to your implementation, while we are assisting you with follow-up and feedback sessions , and keeping a watchful eye on your strategised progress. 

Reading this article you are on your way approaching the calm after the storm!

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