New Digital Business? 10 Ugly Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Buying from You

New digital business? Startup company? New entrepreneur? Let’s face it. Running a new business is extremely challenging and competitive. You need every opportunity to attract potential customers to your new digital business. But for some unknown reason, customers are just not buying from you. Why?

Here are the 10 most likely reason potential customers are not buying your products or services:

  1. Potential customers can’t find your new digital business: 

If customers can’t easily find your website using common search phrases entered on Google, there is little chance they will buy from you. To resolve this problem, optimise your web pages for high search engine visibility, and purchase Google Ads for keywords that potential customers are likely to search for.

  1. Potential customers don’t believe what you and what your new digital business stand for:

If customers do find your webpage but are immediately turned off by a design or sales approach that lacks credibility, they won’t buy from you. To build credibility, have a well-designed website, have no misspelt words, no unbelievable claims, and include elements that increase believability.

  1. Potential customers don’t understand what you are offering:

If you confuse potential customers, you lose potential customers. Craft your web message, so customers clearly know what you are offering – and don’t require them to follow a maze or read 5,000 words to discover what your product or service is.

  1. Potential customers see no compelling reason to buy:

Is there a compelling reason customers should purchase from you? Without a compelling reason, the customer is likely to postpone the decision until they find a compelling reason elsewhere. Offer one or more bonuses, or free overnight shipping, or anything that gives the customer an immediate basis to purchase now.

  1. You are targeting the wrong customer:

Does your target customer have the ability to buy? Do they use the internet? Do they look on the internet for the product or service you offer? If the answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, you are targeting the wrong customer.

  1. You offer a suspiciously low price:

If your price is so low as to be unbelievable, it will make customers wary of buying from you. Customers understand that quality often costs more. They believe that prices that seem ‘too good to be true’ are often just that. Avoid setting prices too low for your products or services.

  1. You make it too difficult to order:

The more steps you put between the customer and the completed order, the less likely the customer will complete the order. If the order form goes beyond three ‘clicks’, many customers will bail out and not bother ordering. If you require the customer to print out an order form, scan it, and email it to you, you won’t see many orders. Make the order process easy. Or be prepared to lose customers.

  1. You make the customers wait too long:

When a customer decides to buy, they want the product as quickly as possible. They do not want to have to wait days or weeks to receive the product, and they will be discouraged from ordering if they are not assured of fast delivery. You can increase orders by including the phrases ‘immediate’ or ‘overnight’ delivery.

  1. You have a technical breakdown on your site:

Does your order processing system (shopping cart) work properly? (Have you tried placing an order to see what happens?) Does your ‘contact us’ system work? (Have you tried it?) Does your email list work? (Have you tried it?) Failures in any of your web site’s technical systems can be costing you orders. Be sure to test these systems yourself so you can see what your customers experience. When did you last check all these?

  1. Customers aren’t looking for your product or service:

Hard as it may be to believe, there is always a chance that customers simply aren’t interested in the product you are offering. Products do go out of style, and services do go out of demand.

Written by Dr Thommie Burger, Founder of Symmetry Hub Growth Partner JTB Consulting.

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