Marketing Planning Like An Expert

There’s no better time to step back, take stock, and prepare for the year ahead, so you can take the rest of 2022 by the horns!

Here are some fundamentals when assessing your advertising and marketing for the year ahead:

Research and Analyse Your Competitors

Find out what they offering, where they are playing and define your role in the landscape. There are myriad paid and free tools out there to help you look at what your competitors are doing, such as Similarweb to help you compare your website; SEO tracker (for yourself and competitors) – Woorank; sentiment and consumer trackers such as Talkwalker, who also own Quicksearch (another great tool)

Create Customer Profiles

From the SEO content to social media copy, make sure you always keep your audience in mind. Customer profiling is important because it helps you understand who your target audience is, and therefore what they want. Some benefits? Lower churn rates; increased customer spend, and it helps you serve your customers better. You can create customer profiles based on different data points, for example: by creating customer segments; using geographic data; customer demographics, customer psychographics. You can get this data in a number of ways, for example by analysing your audience social media profile breakdowns (age; demographic; city etc). Then make some assumptions about their spending habits. You may have access to their online shopping profiles if they buy online.

Optimise For Mobile

Keep the attention (and business) of your loyal and new visitors by maintaining an impressive website on desktop and mobile. This is referred to as responsive design and enables you to create a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

Focus On Your Existing Content

Identify your most popular content and use these insights to inform future content you create. You can do this by looking at your Google Analytics (or whichever analytics tool you use); or through your social insights. Instagram; TikTok; Facebook; Twitter and LinkedIn all have incredibly detailed reporting, that allows you to filter and get relatively granular. On your Adbot profile, you are able to view your popular ads and get a better understanding of the type of adverts that performs well, and use this to tailor your future ads.

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