Controlling Your Marketing Ensures Return on Investment

Online Marketing is essential for any business. It’s how you communicate your offer to people and make them aware of your business if they’ve never heard of you before. These days, online advertising and search advertising are key to being effective – adding even more complexity into the mix. Left unchecked, marketing can become very expensive very quickly and leave you wondering where all your money is going. When you factor in agency fees and
other costs, it can really tip the scales in the wrong way.

PricewaterhouseCoopers recently released the results of a two year study into online advertising across the world. They looked at digital ads by premium brands like Unilever and Nestlé and found that over the period, as much as half of all online ad spending goes to industry middlemen. That’s a staggering amount of money that is not being spent productively. On top of that, they found that up to 15% of ad spend is entirely untraceable.
We think that’s just plain wrong.

It is these concerns that led us to create Adbot – a fully automated system for your Google Ads. It is entirely transparent and designed with your business in mind. Fees are capped at 20% of your total ad spend and at any time you can log in to our system and see exactly where your money is going. It’s the easiest way for you to take back control of your search advertising and online marketing without having to spend the countless hours needed to fully
understand Google Ads.

It’s time to take back control of your online marketing and get real value from your online advertising. To make it worth your while, we’ll give you R600 off your first month with us, if you spend R1000 or more*.

Visit and see how we can put the power in your hands.

*Ts and Cs apply.

AdBot provides automated campaign management, powered by cutting-edge machine learning technologies. Our robots do the heavy lifting on your advertising campaigns, while you focus on your business. Our mission is to optimise for your business and simplify for your convenience.

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