5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Hiring Process

As we say, “every pot has its lid, it is just finding the right lid.”

Mistake Number 1 – Hiring the first person that lands in your inbox

Time is valuable and in short supply. Due to this we often see people hiring just the first “okay” person that lands in their inbox. The problem with this is that you do not have a comparison of what is out in the market, and if the person does not turn out to be a good fit, you may regret not spending some quality time on hiring well.

Mistake Number 2 – Only using 1 method to hire

There are 3 types of candidates out there in the world. First, the candidates that are looking for a job,  who are probably already in your inbox. Second, the candidate that does not want anyone to know they are looking. Lastly, the candidate that does not know about your role or company. When using 1 method of hiring you only catch one type of person, so rather use a range of methods. From advertising your job, asking your personal network, searching on LinkedIn, or using a recruitment tool that can do a big chunk of this for you.

Mistake Number 3 – Hire for all roles the same way

Hiring an intern and hiring an executive require very different methods, interviews, assessments, and skills. Ensure that when you hire a developer your method is very different from when you hire a salesperson. The reason why? When hiring a developer you are not hiring for a personality, but you can bet your salesperson better have a great personality. Hire and interview very differently for different levels and types of roles.

Mistake Number 4 – Not completing background checks

Background checks are crucial in hiring! No matter who you hire, always run at least 2 to 4 checks, from reference checks, criminal or verifying qualifications. You will be amazed how much candidates do not tell you. Hiring on an interview alone is dangerous, so ensure you always do your checks. The checks can take as little as 5 minutes of your time as they can be done for you all online – try it here.

Mistake Number 5 – Hiring and not listing the salary

If you like to waste your time list your job with no salary. You then get people who are over and under your budget and very few of those that are within your budget. If you do not know the market-related salary go and check this out (often for free) on sites like Payscale or JobCrystal. If you cannot afford to pay the market-related salary, then list the salary you can pay and see who is able to work for that salary. Save yourself and the candidates time, by knowing what the salary is for the job.

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