Google Ads is the primary tool for becoming visible in Google’s search engine. Unfortunately, their advanced algorithms and huge catalogue of settings have led to a tool that requires a large amount of knowledge just to get started, and hours upon hours of use in order to get good results. Most businesses therefore turn to expensive agencies for support, but with AdBot by your side advertising has never been easier or more affordable.

Why do I need visibility on Google?

Nowadays, whenever you’re looking for something, you Google it. It’s therefore vital to be visible on Google if you want to be found by the people who are searching for your product or service.

About AdBot

AdBot provides automated campaign management, powered by cutting-edge machine learning technologies. Our robots do the heavy lifting on your advertising campaigns, while you focus on your business. Our mission is to optimise for your business and simplify for your convenience.


The Symmetry Platform is made up of a number of tools and services to help you navigate an array of business challenges and facilitate business growth. View our tools & services here.

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