Designers Work Like Elves At Night

Once upon a time, there was a Shoemaker and his wife who were struggling to make enough money to keep a roof over their heads.  No matter how hard they tried, their lives grew more difficult, and at last the day came when the shoemaker had just one piece of leather in his entire shop.  And the rest is history. This is the intro to many stories of business owners out there and often the answer lies not in the power within, but in the much-needed assistance from a few helpful elves. But where to find these elves?  Few people understand the impact a little bit (or a lot of) general well-planned (one might say – strategic) tinkering can have on the overall brand as well as bottom line.


These elves walk amongst us as interior designers, construction workers and furniture specialists. Almost always, they come in at night, when the businesses have closed and the people have left.  Staff parking bays clear out to be replaced with trucks and construction vehicles and the air is filled with drilling, grinding and often a bit of dust.

Because of this practical restraint on the basic functioning of everyday work, construction is often not allowed during the day, and as office designers we understand this all too well. Understanding that the noise emitted by jackhammers and drills, hitting and striking concrete and brick as many as 1800 times a minute can be downright horrifying, therefore careful planning in the day becomes dreamy spaces at night.

It is about understanding what the client needs (often better than themselves) and not necessarily what they want and taking care to turn basic habitual specifications into spaces with fresh air, natural light, serenity and flow.

When the sun rises and the cars re-enter for another day’s work, there are hardly any signs left of the construction. And on one non-particular morning, the doors will open and every shoemaker and his wife will stand in awe of the magic that unfolded leaving them with a beautiful space to service their clientele.

“…so they danced and skipped and leaped of over chairs and benches.  At last they danced out of the doors. From that time on they came no more, but as long as the shoemaker lived, all went well with him, and all his business prospered.  The End.”

Peg Projects in partnership with Symmetry is able to offer interior design, tenant installations, procurement, project management and client representation from project inception to close out in commercial spaces. Peg Project’s objective is to successfully develop and achieve project goals within scope, timeframe and budget, through procedures of initiation, planning, execution and regulation.

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