COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: Social Distancing Means More Customers Online

Google processes 3.5 billion searches every day. That’s 40,000 searches every second. And that number is only on the rise as more and more countries are forced into varying states of lockdown to reduce exacerbation of the COVID-19 pandemic. With consumers limited to online shopping and an almost entirely virtual experience of the world outside, it’s more important than ever to not only get online as a business, but to connect with potential customers in a digital space.

Businesses are being urged to find innovative ways of staying afloat in the current economic and social climates of uncertainty and rapid change, with most making sure they are prepared for remote work and a virtual audience. Likewise, customers are turning towards the web as their strongest resource for equipping themselves with supplies and tackling problems. Seems like a match made in heaven, right? And it is, but the hurdle to overcome is ensuring that your business is connecting with these potential customers, and the most surefire way to do that is to be visible on Google.

Google is generally the first port of call for customers when trying out a new service or finding a business who can solve the problem at hand. They’re looking for help, information and products. In that moment, showing them your brand in a relevant way is the perfect way to help and connect. Google Ads are designed to promote brands and businesses to users searching for specific keywords, but they can be difficult to understand and master while you have a business to run, especially during an unprecedented time such as this!

The safe approach saw many businesses spending time and money trying to navigate Google Ads by themselves, or paying pricey agencies to do the work for them, without guaranteed results. This is where AdBot comes in. AdBot’s technology utilises AI and machine learning to make the Google Ads experience simple, fast and effective. As more and more people see your ad, AdBot tweaks, updates and optimises the content without you having to lift a finger, giving you the best results and value for money.

Getting started with AdBot costs as little as R29.00 a day – the price of a cup of coffee. Plus, if you spend R1000 or more during your first month, you’ll get a discount of R600 on your bill, all because AdBot is committed to helping companies make the most of their Google Ads.

The digital boom is here. Get online, make it count, and most importantly, stay safe.

AdBot provides automated campaign management, powered by cutting-edge machine learning technologies. Our robots do the heavy lifting on your advertising campaigns, while you focus on your business. Our mission is to optimise for your business and simplify for your convenience.

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